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I’m at SAIT!

Hey, everyone! Takahashi-sensei…I mean, gakusei, here. Now, why am I calling myself gakusei? Well, it’s because as of March 11th, 2019, I have begun attending the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, also known as SAIT, so I can obtain a Certificate in Graphic Design.

I’m currently in the process of switching from GiMP to Adobe when it comes to the tools of the trade. It’s getting a little easier, but also a bit tricky at the same time as both programs have their deviations. For example, you can smudge without the erasing effect in GiMP, but in Photoshop you have to use 2 tools, smudge and the mixer brush. Layer Masking might come in handy for editing photos, but for what I do, might not be necessary. Ara Shimoon is my teacher for the Photoshop I course I’m currently taking as part of the Certificate. He has 10 years of experience with type, photography, and illustration. We just might become good friends. You can check out his website right here.

2018 gave me a difficult decision on whether or not I should continue my educational journey. Tuitions are usually rife with debt. But then again, it turns out some social and hands-on experiences are actually healthy for the mind and experience.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my adventures at SAIT as I continue my journey!

This is Takahashi-gakusei sigining out for the night.


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