I went to Otafest 2019!

Hey everyone, Takahashi-gakusei here!

Sorry if I haven’t been keeping things up to date often, but this is ’cause I’m still on my way to getting that SAIT certificate in graphic design! I should remind you that my workflow has improved greatly though.

Remember when I went to Omatsuri last summer? I actually managed to score some tickets for this year’s Otafest at the Telus Convention Center here in Calgary. And so, today, my sister and her boyfriend decided to come with me on the first day. I usually enjoy festivals. But Otafest isn’t particularly my cup of tea. There were some events I wanted to attend that day, only to find out that they were cancelled or rescheduled.

If anyone went to Otafest or plan on going for the rest of the weekend, it’s best that you have a plan and look at the updated schedule on their website if you can.

This is Akira Takahashi, signing off.

-May 17th, 2019


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