Halloween Art Piece #2 out of 4

Takahashi-sensei again presenting to you piece Number 2!

Halloween 2018 Mural 2
This is one clown any Halloweener will approve of!

More information on these pieces will be available soon!


UPDATE: Now available on Society6 as “Circus Freak” as of 10/6/2018!


Halloween 2018 Art Piece #1 out of 4

Hello, again, everyone! Takahashi-sensei here.

I appologize for not updating my blog at all last month. This is because I’ve been getting used to my first graphics tablet I bought from in August. Previously I’ve been doing my work by pencil and paper and by mouse click. Now with the Ugee M708, I’m currently in the process of transitioning to digital entirely! Take this piece of art I’m doing for some Halloween bags this year for instance:

Halloween 2018 Mural 1
Witch house will she be flying to tonight?

No paper, no scanning, just do it all on GiMP! All thanks to the power of the best $50 I spent on!

More to come throughout the month!