Announcement: Enter The Natural Stadium

Hello. This is AkiTaka again.I hope everyone is doing well.In case I've been overtweeting the past year, my apologies if I was being a bit of a woodpecker. I find it hard to believe that it's been half a decade since the host of the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup was announced. Many soccer fans, … Continue reading Announcement: Enter The Natural Stadium


The Making of SEGA MegaVerse: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Notice: This post was written from April to June 2022. While the majority of information discussed within this article is factual, Some information discussed may be slightly out of date. Reader discretion is advised. INTRODUCTION This is Takahashi-sensei. Hello again after a more than 2-year hiatus from blogs and announcements. As far as things have … Continue reading The Making of SEGA MegaVerse: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Special Announcement for the Segaphiles!

Good afternoon, Takahashi-sensei here. First off, I hope you're taking care of yourselves in this uncertain time regarding the Coronavirus situation. I'm barely ever allowed to leave the house! Second, one of everyone's favorite video game companies with a rich history, SEGA Sammy, is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. Regarding SEGA, I'm well aware of the … Continue reading Special Announcement for the Segaphiles!

Birthday Bulletin: Patreon Exclusive First Looks On the Way!

Moshi moshi! Takahashi-gakusei here again. I recently finished another course in my Graphic Design certificate. It took me a month, too. Sorry if it seemed like I haven't been minding my blog. Anyway, I just want to let you know that this month is that of my birthday, and if you pledge a dollar or … Continue reading Birthday Bulletin: Patreon Exclusive First Looks On the Way!

A Fair Future for Japanese Animation

Animation. The physical movement of an object being demonstrated one frame at a time. What started out as an experiment with cameras in the mid to late 1800s had become embraced by the early 1900s. Michigan-born cartoonist Windsor McCay, who serialized the surrealist Little Nemo in Slumberland from 1905 to 1925 in the New York … Continue reading A Fair Future for Japanese Animation