Kicktory: Natural Stadium Previews on Ko-Fi

Good morning! AkiTaka here! I've been pretty busy this month. Sorry that I got pre-occupied with other platforms. Anyway, I want to remind you that Kicktory's first chapter is being previewed to supporters on my Ko-Fi page every other Saturday starting April 8th. The first set focuses on Biceps' background, while the second set centers … Continue reading Kicktory: Natural Stadium Previews on Ko-Fi


Going to Omatsuri 2018 Tomorrow!

Ohayo, everyone! This is Takahashi-sensei again. In case you didn't know about the annual Japanese culture festival in Calgary known as Omatsuri, I'm proud to announce that I will be among the many attendees at the Max Bell Centre tomorrow. Sometimes I even wish I could go to one of Japan's many night festivals!