Hick & Hia


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As a native of the city of Calgary, I was excited for Calgary’s preparations to be the host for the Olympic Winter Games of 2026, which led to the creation of these 2 human children, and the first since Lilehammer 1994’s Håkon and Kristin, Hick the cowboy, and Hia, a girl from the Blackfoot tribe! Hick would have represented the Olympics while Hia would have represented the Paralympics.


I was even an ambassador for YesCalgary2026, a grassroots organization in favor of having the games here in Calgary. My vision for the Winter Olympics for the 2nd time in Calgary was to make it even more memorable than our first from back in 1988. “C for Yourself” became the motto and hashtag for my promotion of the Olympic Spirit to everyone not just in Calgary, but in Canada as a whole.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as Calgarians have voted “No” in the plebiscite on whether or not the Olympics should come back to Calgary late that year.

In 2019, Italy’s Cortina d’Ampezzo and Milan won the bid to host these games jointly.

Since then, not wanting my hard work to go to waste, I’ve decided to make them fictional social media stars meant to promote Calgary’s culture.

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