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November 2017 Patreon Template

The first one I did, to promote my Patreon. It was also Veteran’s Day that month.

December 2017 Patreon Template

The holidays will never be the same again once St. Nick II officially becomes available!



February 2018 Patreon Template

Canada sure scored its highest medal haul at this year’s Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea!

March 2018 Patreon Template

April 2018 Patreon Template

Unlike in the American/Canadian school system, the Japanese and Korean school systems begin their school year in the month of April, which is the season of Cherry Blossoms.

May 2018 Patreon Template

A rather nice month for the harvest to start, huh?

Twitter Template June 2018

The FIFA World Cup in Russia began that month! In case you wanted to know what the Cyrillic lettering was, it’s “Horosho”, which means, as in feeling “good”!

Twitter Template July 2018

This template was the first one you saw on this website. I had just begun setting it up as the Calgary Stampede was going on and the first assembly of YesCalgary2026 was being held that month.

Twitter Template August 2018

Shueisha’s flagship manga anthology magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Celebrated its 50th Anniversary that month.

September 2018 Twitter Template

Baldi is one strict teacher…I wish there was a rubber glove you could wear to use his own weapon against him! Congrats to Micah McGonigal for his Kickstarter success, BTW.

October 2018 Twitter Template

The Halloween franchise returned to the screens after 9 years of dormance thanks to Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Films. My 21st birthday was also celebrated.


The plebiscite for the Calgary 2026 Winter Olympics bid took place that month. After months came the last big push for support of what I still view as an honor for a host city and not a burden. Unfortunately, in the plebiscite, the “Yes” side was ruthlessly defeated by the “No” side, thus, killing off the opportunity to celebrate my country’s sporting greatness.

Twitter Template December 2018

St. Nick II made his grand debut during the Holidays of 2018! However, because it would seem weird to have a Christmas tale still available to read prior to the November/December window of a year, I have put it in moratorium until later this year.




I just had to update my signature for the New Year! I even got some Otoshidama money to spend on the Calgary Japanese Language School’s “Oshogatsu-kai” festival on January 10th! While things are a bit quiet right now, you can expect to see a lot from me throughout this year!

twitter template february 2019

It was the month o’ love…

Twitter Template February 2019 Type 2

But also the month of the Oscars! Glowfest YYC also made for a nice night out during the Teacher’s Convention long weekend. My only regret was that one of my external hard drives suffered a fatal head crash. The recovery of my personal photos made for a costly lesson. Moral of the story: Always buy backup drives regularily. ‘Cause you’ll never know what’s going on the inside until it’s too late! Seriously. External hard drive enclosures aren’t even see-through.

Twitter Template March 2019

This March, I’m attending SAIT to learn the ropes of the Adobe Creative Cloud as GiMP is currently not deemed an industry standard for my work. Wait ’til you see the difference Adobe makes besides its high price.

Twitter Template April 2019 -3


Twitter Template May 2019 2

Let’s celebrate the arrival of the Reiwa era!

Twitter Template June 2019 3

Did you know that the sea carries almost 150 million metric tons of plastic ontop of its surface and within its depths? Let’s do our best to loosen its load by 50 percent(or better) in 2040!

Twitter Template July 2019 2.png

Yahoo! My website celebrated its first anniversary online, and to make it even more special, the cake’s made of flapjacks generously given out to anyone dropping by to a Calgary Stampede community event!

Twitter Template August 2019

In case you’ve been a hikikomori in the month of July, the primary headquarters of Kyoto Animation were set ablaze on the 18th of that month, killing more than 30 staff members and animators. And what makes the event even more tragic, is that animators at KyoAni are salaried, unlike many Tokyo-based animation studios, who are only paid per frame, and not much. Despite KyoAni being one of my least favorite of them, I wish everyone there the best luck in recovering.

Twitter Template September 2019


Twitter Template October 2019