St. Nick II

st nick ii cover english

A whimsical festive tale that reminds us all of the magic of friendship and faith, and maintaining tradition, no matter what the attitudes of the modern day are, Nicholas “Nick” Kringle Claus II is sent on a year-long mission to the island nation of Japan, courtesy of his grandfather to raise awareness of the Christmas Spirit, Polar City’s sole power source, to make up for his initial reluctance of taking the former’s place as the new Santa Claus. Befriending the Shiroyuki Family whilst living in the Kisekihana ward of Japan’s largest city, Tokyo, Nick performs feats of magic across Japan with the Miracle Mint Cane! But here’s the catch; every time a miracle is performed, a centimeter of the red peppermint strand fades away. Once it is entirely used up, the Cane is no longer capable of performing magic. Despite this, Nick, Kita, and Kouri are determined to restore the faith of millions in the Christmas Spirit before Christmas Day!

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