Vestibula (COMING SOON)

Notice: This page discusses a work in progress. This information may or may not reflect the final outcome.

Vestibula 2020 poster vol 1 Japanese logo

In an alternate reality where innovation and technological achievement is possible in the by the end of the 1st quarter of the 21st century, exclusively on a newly-formed island in the South Pacific known as Techo City(jointly owned by America, Canada, China, Japan, and a unified Korea(under the law of the Republic of Korea/South Korea)), Virtual Reality is taking the center stage in the entertainment department, as a group of friends, Phil Ferguson, Nina Tendon, Seg Gaminski, Cap Compton, and Sonia Nison learn of an all-new high-tech VR head mount and console in one known as Vestibula, developed by a surprisingly wealthy startup company known as Fanta-See, which has been claimed by the company to last for 2 generations(or 10-12 years).

With high-end processing power and state-of-art patent pending hardware and features, as well as the user interface and software developed using an original programming language known as Pygmalion, making it easier for developers to program games for it than any other system in the competition, it seems like they’ve saved up their allowances and paychecks for the ultimate miracle of the century…or have they?

Upon entry into the virtual world of Vestibula, they learn of a menacing array of programmed creatures known as Cogs, which they believe are responsible for rewiring the neurons and altering cognitive functions in the human brain as well as permanently damaging it, effectively destabilizing the mental balance, the internal perception between what is real or fantasy, within whoever is victimized.

In order to save Vestibula and Techo City from the untapped potential of a larger threat, Phil and the gang must form a team as they compete with and against various players, explore the worlds of new games being released every few months, solve the mysteries and uncover secrets surrounding them, and do battle with villainous foes. They will also encounter new friends and allies, and gain skills and abilities that any gamer would dare dream of acquiring (though they are limited to natural strength in the real world), making the gamble to expose Fanta-See’s criminal secrets a defining pinnacle of the Information Age…as long as their lives…and, of equal importance, their mental balance, remain intact throughout!

Consider this immersive adventure a concoction of Sword Art Online, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, My Hero Academia, and The Pagemaster, except it’s not about games, spirits, heroes, books, but rather, about EVERYTHING! And that’s exactly why I’m taking my time with this, at least until sometime during this new decade!

As with other pages, as soon as I have more info to share, this page will be updated as often as possible, so…

Gamer Phil